More than a decade contributing to the country’s infrastructure development

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  • 1998

    Creation of CCR

    CCR is formed with the objective of managing federal and state highway concessions held by its controlling shareholders.
  • 2002

    CCR inaugurates the New Market Exchange

    CCR shares begin being traded on the BM&FBovespa exchange on February 1, 2002. The IPO also marked the debut of the New Market, a more demanding segment of Brazil’s capital market.
  • 2003

    Company growth with Sem Parar

    CCR acquires a 38.25% stake of STP, which operates electronic payment means Sem Parar/Via Fácil, a system used by 3 million customers and present in 94% of highways with tolls and roughly 100 parking lots in seven states.
  • 2005

    Castello Raposo System

    CCR increases its presence in the state of São Paulo after acquiring concessionaire ViaOeste, which manages 168 km of highways, including stretches along Castello Branco and Raposo Tavares highways.
  • 2006

    First PPP in the country

    The company broadens its social object and spearheads the winning bid for the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the country to operate and maintain São Paulo’s Line 4-Yellow Subway line. Managed by ViaQuatro, the line connects Estação Luz to Vila Sônia.
  • 2007

    Partnership for Knowledge

    The CCR Infrastructure and Logistics Nucleus is inaugurated in partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral. The Center aims to be a dynamic space for generating knowledge, contributing to discussions on concession models and the role of private initiative in Brazilian transport.
  • 2008

    A year of achievements

    CCR acquires 40% of concessionaire Renovias, which highways connect Campinas to southern Minas Gerais state, and wins the concession bid for the western part of the Mário Covas Beltway, which connects the main highways that cross the state of São Paulo.
  • 2009

    Contribution to the environment

    The company enters the vehicle environmental-inspection market by acquiring a 45% stake of Controlar, a concessionaire responsible for inspecting the entire car fleet in the city of São Paulo.
    The City of São Paulo terminated Controlar’s activities in 2014.
  • 2010

    New Business

    CCR concludes the 100% acquisition of SPVias, which manages 515 km of highways; inaugurates its first business office in Rio de Janeiro; and, begins operating Line 4-Yellow subway line with the Paulista and Faria Lima stations.

    Grupo CCR wins the IBTTA Awards

    The company wins the IBTTA Awards, the biggest international highway concession association, for its Highway for Citizenship program.
  • 2011

    Phase one of Line 4 concluded

    On September 15, Concessionaire ViaQuatro inaugurated the Luz and República subway stations of Line 4-Yellow. With the start-up of these new subway stations, the concessionaire completes the first phase of Line 4-Yellow.

    Grupo CCR wins the IBTTA Awards

    The company wins the IBTTA Awards for its Leadership Development Program (PDL).

    A year of recognition

    CCR becomes part of the BM&FBovespa Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) again, an indicator composed of companies that present a high level of commitment to corporate governance and sustainability practices.


    Samm begins its activities in the telecom segment, with high-capacity data transmission through fiber optics.
  • 2012

    Four highways among the best in the country

    Ranking published by Quatro Rodas Guia Estradas 2012 elects Bandeirantes Highway (SP-348) as the best in the country for the sixth consecutive year. Of the top 10 highways elected, four are managed by Grupo CCR.

    CCR Barcas

    In April, the company signs the purchase and sale agreement to acquire 80% of concessionaire Barcas S.A. - Transportes Marítimos, the fifth biggest ferry transportation operator in the world.


    CCR becomes part of the shareholding control of concessionaire ViaRio, responsible for the construction and operation of the Transolympic Expressway, in Rio de Janeiro.


    CCR enters the airport segment following its acquisition of the Curaçao, Costa Rica and Ecuador airports.

    10 years of Governance

    The company celebrates the 10th anniversary of its IPO, enters the airport segment following the acquisition of the Curaçao, Costa Rica and Ecuador international airports.
  • 2013

    VLT Carioca

    In May, CCR wins the bid for the light rail system (VLT) with other companies, forming the concessionaire company VLT Carioca.

    CCR Metrô Bahia

    CCR wins the concession bid for the Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Subway System through a public private partnership (PPP) and creates CCR Metrô Bahia in October.

    CCR MSVia

    CCR wins the bid for the Mato Grosso do Sul stretch of Highway BR-163 and takes over one of Brazil’s main agribusiness roads.

    BH Airport

    With Grupo CCR’s participation, Consórcio Aerobrasil wins the concession bid for the Tancredo Neves International Airport, in Confins-MG.
  • 2014

    CCR Metrô Bahia

    Start-up of the assisted operation of Line 1 of Salvador’s Subway line during the World Cup.

    Integrated Reporting

    CCR wins the Época Empresa Verde 2014 Award in the Integrated Reporting category, and is the first Brazilian company to win this award.


    CCR receives the Sustainability Excellence Seal in the Corporate Governance category at the 2014/2015 IBEF Sustainability Awards.
  • 2015

    CCR Institute

    Start-up of the nonprofit organization created by CCR in 2014 to use its own resources and foster the socioeconomic and cultural development of regions where it does business and incentivize culture, sports, education and environment.


    CCR acquires 70% of TAS (Total Airport Services), a US-based airport services company that operates some of the main airports in the United States, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, São Francisco, New Jersey, Connecticut and Alabama. This transaction marks the company’s return to the United States after having sold in 2009 its stake in Northwest Parkway LLC, in Denver, which it had acquired in 2007.

    CCR Metrô Bahia

    Start-up in February of construction work on Line 2 of the Salvador Subway and conclusion of Line 1 in December.

    Rio-Niterói Bridge

    After 20 years under its administration, Grupo CCR transfers to the new concessionaire a modernized infrastructure prepared for the expansion set forth in the new 30-year contract cycle. In two decades, CCR increased infrastructure safety for users and modernized the Bridge.

    Project NASP

    The Board of Directors (BoD) of CCR decides to analyze the proposal presented by its shareholders Grupo Andrade Gutierrez and Grupo Camargo Corrêa to acquire studies regarding the installation of a new airport in the Metropolitan region of São Paulo (coined Project NASP) and also the rights over the Purchase Option Agreement of the respective piece of land in Caieiras. The Group is already working on the development of the new airport’s design.
  • 2016

    CCR invitation to bid

    CCR Institute publishes an invitation to bid exclusive for inner-state cultural producers, the first in the country earmarked solely for bidders not from capital cities, with the objective of promoting cultural production outside capital cities and foster local artistic creation, moving the creative economy to municipalities surrounding business units managed by Grupo CCR.

    CCR Metrô Bahia

    Line 1 of Salvador’s Subway system begins to fully operate in January.


    CCR sells its shareholding interest in Sociedade de Tecnologias de Pagamento S.A. (STP).