Respect toward society, our users and the environment

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The importance of partnerships between private initiative (business people, investors, funders) and government for the development of the country’s infrastructure sector;

Cutting-edge business activity, supported by proactive courage, assured predictability, simplicity, reliability of information and negotiation seriousness;

The legitimate pursuit of economic-financial results;

The rendering of good-quality public service for satisfying people’s needs as a pillar of business perpetuity;

Corporate social responsibility, preservation of life and the environment;

The creative, realizing and transformational capacity of human beings, working as a team with a business mentality, leading the organization to master its challenges and surpass limits;

Participative management and results-based compensation, based on an analysis of individual contribution to obtain people’s commitment and add value to the business.


Disengagement - the path for people and company growth 

Integrity - the foundation of personal and professional relations 

Boldness - productivity, creativity and persistence to seek challenges and overcome limits

Respect - towards others, life and nature 

Autonomy - freedom to act responsibly