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  • ViaQuatro
    ViaQuatro is the concessionaire responsible for operating and maintaining Line 4-Yellow of São Paulo’s subway system, being the first public-private partnership in the country. It is recognized for the high technological level of its automated driverless system and high level of user satisfaction. The concessionaire has already invested US$450 million in systems, equipment and trains. Phase one of the project foresees 14 (84 cars) and up to 15 (90 cars) in phase two. During the 30-year concession term, ViaQuatro will invest more than US$2 billion. The first phase of the subway line, with six stations – Luz, República, Paulista, Faria Lima, Pinheiros and Butantã – has been completed. Also operating is the Fradique Coutinho station which is part of the second phase. When the project is concluded, the line will extend 12.8 km and have 11 stations, connecting Luz station (downtown) to Vila Sônia (west side).
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  • CCR Barcas
    CCR Barcas is the only public service concessionaire dedicated to operating mass waterway transportation and licensed to operate in the state of Rio de Janeiro. At present, it is the fourth largest waterway passenger-transportation operation in the world, navigating roughly 745 thousand km per year and transporting an average of 90 thousand passengers daily. The concessionaire has 18 vessels, 920 employees and operates six lines through five stations and three mooring points. The boats transport 25 million passengers annually. CCR Barcas operates five stations: Praça XV, Praça Araribóia, Cocotá, Paquetá and Charitas. In the South Division, three mooring points are part of the operation of lines that serve Ilha Grande (Abraão), Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis.
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  • VLT Carioca
    Grupo CCR is the main shareholder of the public-private partnership formed to manage Rio de Janeiro’s light rail system (VLT). VLT Carioca interconnects the Port Region with the capital’s financial district and Santos Dumont Airport in a fast and safe manner. There will be 28 km of roads interconnecting with the subway, metropolitan train, ferry, cable car, BRT and municipal and intermunicipal systems. Integrated to the Maravilha Port urban operation, VLT Carioca utilizes innovative technology where the supply of energy comes from the ground, totally waving the need of catenaries, which are overhead cables used for capturing energy.
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  • CCR Metrô Bahia
    In 2013, Grupo CCR won the bid issued by the Government of the State of Bahia for the Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Subway System. Through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), for which the company, the state government and Union are partners, the project contemplates initial investments amounting to R$4 billion. CCR Metrô Bahia is responsible for making investments in construction, equipment, systems, rolling stock, adaptations, overhauling, maintenance and operation of passenger integration terminals. The Salvador and Lauro de Freitas Subway System began operating on the eve of the World Cup in June 2014. The system will comprise two lines extending 41 km, with 23 stations and 10 bus-integration terminals. The subway system will decisively contribute to reduce bottlenecks that hinder mobility in Bahia’s capital and metropolitan region of Salvador.
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